THE 12 BEST Pizza Restaurants in Fort Smith, AR - 2024 Restaurantji (2024)


Larry's Pizza

Pizza • $

6400 Highway 71 S, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pnut Butter

S-Berry Carmel Choc Cheesecake

Spinach Alfredo with Bacon

Loaded Baked Potato Pizza

Cheese Cake Dessert Pizza

S Berry Carmel Cheesecake

Fat Larry Supreme Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza Slice

Chicken Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard Chicken

“Always my absolute go to spot for pizza!!! however, tonight was disappointing, we got there after 5 and there was barely any pizza. when we were asked if there were any specifics we'd like we mentioned them and she pointed to them with one and two slices left. we of course ate them, but that's all we got. staff was walking around with dessert pizzas and others we didn't care for. I walked up there twice to an empty bar being wiped down. so instead I had salad with an empty ranch bucket. I'm definitely not going to say we won't be back. This was the first time I've ever been disappointed, but it was bad.“

4.7 Superb89 Reviews



Jim's Razorback Pizza

Pizza • $

3501 Old Greenwood Rd Ste #17, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Build Your Own Pizza

Super Supreme Pizza

Mediterranean Pizza

Signature Pizza

Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Bacon

Cheese Sticks

Bread Sticks

Vegan Pizza

Hawg Wild

“Couldn't ask for better or friendlier service. Pizza was excellent, thanks for the small Anniversary pizza. What a bonus to go somewhere and have everything all wrapped up together..... Great staff, food, atmosphere and points towards future pizza.“

4.5 Superb74 Reviews



Cicis Pizza

Pizza • $

8323 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Spinach Alfredo Flatbread

Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Create Your Own Pizza

Garlic Cheese Bread

Buffalo Chicken

1 Topping Pizza

Macaroni Cheese

Fudge Brownies

Cinnamon Rolls

Hawaiian Pizza

“I always enjoy Cicis Pizza! The pizza is homemade and always great! Their salad bar is the best around. They also have amazing dessert pizzas…and cinnamon rolls!! I always swear I’m going to eat just one, it ends up being about 6! ? The place is always exceptionally clean and the staff very friendly. Definitely recommend!!“

4.3 Superb68 Reviews



Hideaway Pizza

Pizza • $

8302 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Large Fried Mushrooms

Large Extreme Pizza

Chicken Florentine

Meat Lovers Pizza

Pepperoni Palooza

Pepperoni Pizza

Hurricane Pizza

Garlic Knots

Custom Pizza

Cheese Pizza

“As many times as we’ve eaten here, how have I not reviewed this one yet? Today it was fried mushrooms and the Big Red pizza. It has red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Polish sausage (kielbasa) and hamburger, topped with cheddar cheese. Good stuff. Would get it again.“

4.2 Good95 Reviews



Godfather's Pizza Express

Pizza Takeaway • $$

6600 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Wing

“Ordered online but they had not started it when I got there. James went into “Chick fil a on steroids” mode and was deeply apologetic. He let me have a drink while I waited and gave me an extra pizza and cinnamon monkey bread for my wait, was super nice, and apologized again.Atmosphere is 3 stars because it is in a gas station. Although there is seating in there, it is more like a grab-n-go/carryout pizza place.“

4.7 Superb15 Reviews


Gusano’s Chicago Style Pizzeria

Pizza • $

5505 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza

Mozzarella Sticks

Italian Beef

The Pizza


Hot Wings


“Absolutely horrible service! So rude too! My daughter ordered a pizza, went to pick it up and they closed! Her boyfriend called the next day to see if he could get her pizza or a refund and the manager was very very rude, cussing and yelling and calling him a liar. So you're calling a Fort Smith police officer a liar? I mean it was $18 and I'm pretty sure yall give officers free pizza all the time yet you won't give them one they paid for?!?!“

4.1 Good66 Reviews



Bar • $

508 Garrison Ave, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza with Jalapeños

Combination Pizza with Cheese on Top

Dry Rub Naked Wings Damn Near Burnt

Small Pepperoni Pizza

Any Small Pizza Only

Pizza by the Slice

Meat Lovers Pizza

Trash Can Pizza

Cheese Sticks

Meat Pizza

“Amazing staff! Always a great time or relaxing time when I'm there! I enjoy going for lunch with the wife when it's a quieter crowd and in the late afternoon with friends when there's more activity happening! The pizza and wings are always delicious!“

4.1 Good65 Reviews



Marco's Pizza

Pizza • $

2505 Market Trce, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza Medium

Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza Large

Supreme Pizza

Pizza Bowl

“Marco’s Pizza is literally the reason I became a father. Every woman I have ever taken on a date to Marco’s became the mother of one of my children. Thanks Marco’s! Not only that but the staff is amazing… I don’t have to pay for therapy because of the staff members such Caleb, Zeke, and Reid. They really do care. I can’t even look at another slice of pizza without feeling overwhelmed with shame. I love you Marco’s and you don’t even have to say it back. It shows in your actions.“

4.2 Good25 Reviews



Godfather's Pizza Express

Pizza • $

415 Garrison Ave A, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Veggie Pizza with Pepperoni Only on Top

Classic Combo Pizza

Bacon Cheeseburger

Godfather's Pizza

Sausage Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Humble Pie

Taco Pizza

“Update: When I called in this morning, they offered to still deliver the pizza, and so this is post-pizza.We got a Large humble pie, and they threw in a cheeze stick with it.Solid pizza, me and my roommate have quite the leftovers.Don't order from them online, call in to order from them to kake sure your order gets placed“

4 Good46 Reviews



Sports Bar • $$

5609 Rogers Ave Suite F, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Loaded Nachos

“My work had our Christmas party here and I am glad we found it cuz it was so much fun. Instead of hard chairs or benches they have couches and coffee tables at their bowling lanes. There is also a bar, pool table area, and an arcade area. This place was great!“

3.9 Good87 Reviews



Cavanaugh Pizza

Pizza • $$

3111 Cavanaugh Rd, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Half Chopped Canadian Bacon Half Pepperoni & Chicken Alfredo w Added Tomatoes

Soup and Salad Bar with a Meal 2 29

Thin Crust Supreme Pizza

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Hawaiian Delight Pizza

Cinnamon Roll Pizza

Garlic Cheese Pizza

Two Toppings Pizza

Specialty Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza

“Once upon a time, in a land where hunger reigned supreme, there existed a magical pizza buffet where endless slices of cheesy delight awaited hungry travelers. With each bite, one could taste the enchantment woven into every crispy crust and savory topping, making it a feast fit for royalty in a tale as timeless as the perfect pizza.“

3.9 Good75 Reviews



Geno's Pizza Central Mall

Pizza • $

5111 Rogers Avenue FC-8, Fort Smith

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Pizza

Giant Pizza 16

Giant Pizzas

“The people are always nice and pizza delicious at a fair price, and a big portion would recommend it.Kid-friendliness: There is a playground right in front of these specific genos that your little littles can play while you wait for your food.Wheelchair accessibility: There are elevators located in the mall that you can enter from the parking garage, or you can also find ramps located in front of the food court, which goes in right next to the genos.“

4.6 Superb8 Reviews



THE 12 BEST Pizza Restaurants in Fort Smith, AR - 2024 Restaurantji (2024)


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