25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (2024)

Whether you're a green-thumbed plant lover or want to incorporate more plants into your home to increase the oxygen level, these DIY window plant shelf ideas are perfect for you. It's the easiest way to add greenery to your home and make your window space feel more welcoming! There are hundreds of benefits of having plants indoors. First of all, they help purify the air. They also reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Plus, they make any room look more like a home with vibrant colors and textures. This DIY Window Plant Shelf is an excellent way for anyone on any budget to add some greenery to their lives. There are so many options for design, materials used, and placement that everyone will find something that works for them!

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (1)

This guide will show you 25 DIY Window Plant Shelf ideas on making your own custom window plant shelves using simple supplies from around the house: cardboard boxes, metal shelving brackets, and screws! These shelving options will help bring your home decorating ideas to life without breaking the bank or making it difficult for you to do. These DIY window plant shelves are simple projects that anyone can do with some essential tools and materials. If you're interested in learning how to make one yourself, check out our detailed guide below!

Indoor Window Shelf For Plants

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (2)

In an imagined world, you would have a house with all the windows you could ever want, and your plants would get all the sunlight they need. But that's not always possible. Maybe you don't have enough space for your plants or are worried about getting enough light because you don't have many windows. We have a DIY that's just for you! You can make an indoor window shelf for your plants to get as much sunlight as they need. You'll never have to worry about them dying again by doing this! reviewed

Window Plant Shelves

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (3)

Window plant shelves are becoming more popular amongst people who want to make the most out of their big windows. Mainly because the sunlight these windows provide is something that makes your plants happier than a typical room would. Not only that but placing your plants on window plant shelves makes for an exciting design for your home. Something new and exciting will help spice things up in your room. So if you're looking for a way to decorate your room with plants, this guide for window plant shelves is worth checking out!


Building A Window Plant Shelf

Hey everyone! Today we're going to show you how to build a DIY window plant shelf. We will be using this shelf for our plants, but you can use it for whatever you want. It's effortless and cheap to build, so let's get started! First, you'll need some wood. You can use any wood you want, but make sure that you have everything cut to size before starting this project. You'll also need sandpaper and a measuring tape.

Remember that if you're building this shelf for your plants, it needs to be big enough to fit all of them! When cutting the wood, make sure that the edges are smooth. Next, we're going to drill holes in the wood so that it doesn't break when we hang it up on the wall. Ensure that these holes are evenly spaced out and not too close together or too far apart!

10. Hanging Shelves For Plants

If you're an apartment-dweller like us, you probably don't have a lot of space to spare. But that doesn't mean you can't be surrounded by gorgeous greenery! This hanging shelf project is a $35 easy DIY hack for adding some plants to your apartment. It won't take up any floor space, and your plants will love it! Let's show you how to get these hanging shelves done in quick and easy-to-understand steps.

11. Window Plant Shelf DIY

If you love plants but are short on space, a window plant shelf is the perfect DIY project. Here's how you get started:

What You'll Need:

Window shelf (make sure it's sized for your windows)

Two pieces of pine wood for support

Wood glue

Get Started!

Take the measurements of your window and cut the pinewood to size. Make sure to leave enough overhang to support the window shelf.

Glue the pinewood supports to the underside of your window shelf. Set aside until completely dry.

Position on your window sill and arrange your plants as desired!

12. IKEA Window Plant Shelf

Are you looking to bring your plants to another level? Maybe you want to add a few more extensions, like a bird's nest or a little window feeder? Whatever the reason, you can do it with this DIY Window Plant Shelf, and all you need is an IKEA mosslanda picture ledge, 2 supporting wood stands, glue, and clamps. It will take just a few minutes to set up, so you'll be enjoying your new decoration in no time!

Hanging Window Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (4)

If you have a green thumb and have your plants all over the place and want more space, you can build your own hanging window plant shelf. The hanging plant shelf is straightforward to make! All you need are wood boards, rope, hooks, stain, a rag for stain, and some tools like a miter saw or circular saw, measuring tape, drill, drill bits (1-inch for the holes in the wood where the rope will go through and ¼ inch for the holes for the hooks in the ceiling).


DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (5)

First off, you'll need some hardware. You'll want two 3-inch bolts, and you'll need a drill for the next step. This is where it gets fun (and messy)! You'll have to drill holes in your wall for the bolts and then screw them in with a screwdriver until they're secure. Now, you'll want to add washers and wing nuts on each bolt, spacing them out evenly so that your shelf doesn't tilt too much when it's full of plants!


DIY Window Floating Shelves

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (6)

Window floating shelves are an innovation quickly gaining popularity among plant lovers who want a more effective and efficient way to display their plants. This shelf design gives plants a natural way to thrive, and it's also straightforward to put together—you can beautify your window floating shelves in just a few simple steps! Follow along with the DIY guide to learn how to make it.


How To Make A Window Shelf

You need some sisal rope, wood, a drill, and measuring tape, and you're good to go. We'll teach you how to DIY a plant shelf with these materials.

1. Measure your window. You'll want the shelf to be smaller than the window to sit nicely inside.

2. Cut your wood. You will want to cut it about 3 inches shorter than the measurement you took of your window on both sides because you need space for the shelf to sit inside and not out of the window.

3. Take the two pieces of wood and place them parallel to one another, with the shorter sides facing away from each other, making a rectangle shape between them.

4. Grab your drill and drill holes in each corner of the wood where they meet, then take sisal rope and loop it through these holes, tying a knot at each endpoint to secure them.

5. Now that you have created your plant shelf, you can hang it up in your window! Don't forget to water your plants!

Easy Plant Shelf DIY

The first step you want to measure how long the rope needs to be. You will want to measure from one wall to the other and add about 3 feet on each side for knotting purposes. Then cut the rope and tie knots at the ends.

It's best to use a heavy-duty rope because it can hold more weight, and you don't have to worry about it breaking. You can buy this type of rope at any hardware store or online. If the knots are too tight, use scissors so that they're not as tight around your hand when tying them together with wood glue. Next, take two pieces of wood and attach them by drilling holes in both pieces (make sure they're at least 1 cm apart). After that, apply some glue on top of where they intersect so they won't come apart later down the line!

3. DIY Under Window Plant Shelf

Hey there! Want to know a super-easy way to spruce up your home decor? We've got just the trick for you. Our DIY hack is one of the easiest projects you'll ever do. With this hack, you'll learn to DIY your under-window plant shelf. Your plants will sit pretty up top while the leaves dance around below. It's pretty easy to make and can be done in less than five minutes. You'll need some wood, a drill, and a detachable leg stand for the shelf. You can decide to stain the wood or not—up to you! After drilling the leg stand to the wood, your under-window shelf is ready for your plants. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

DIY Window Plant Shelf

Have you ever considered putting a plant shelf in your window? It's a lot easier to do than you might think. Plant shelves are beautiful, but they're also excited to have and take care of! So let's get started! First, you'll need some wood. The wood size will depend on the size of your window, so start by measuring your window. Next up, sandpaper it to get it nice and smooth. After that, strain it (you can use any stain color you like). Then bore some holes where the ropes will pass through (this is how we'll hang the shelf), and you're good to go!

How To Make A Window Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (7)

Window plants are a great way to bring nature inside. But, sometimes, you want to move your plants around when the weather’s nice. This window plant shelf lets you do that. You need a shelf, some wood filler and caulk, and a few tools. Start by ensuring the shelf is level across its width and has at least one support halfway down the length of the back.

The shorter sides will be flush with the top of your window frame. Use wood filler to make sure all the joins are even and smooth. Then caulk all the joints to eliminate gaps in your window plant shelf. Then, use caulk to fill any gaps around the corners of your shelf. While at it, don’t forget to apply caulk between the shelf and the window frame.


DIY Floating Window Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (8)

Have you ever gone to bed in your apartment and noticed your plants droopy? Maybe they're not getting enough sunlight? Maybe they need to be watered more often? It's hard to tell. You can give your plants all the sunlight they need and help them stay out of the cold by learning to DIY your floating window plant shelf! This right here is something special. This is a floating window plant shelf. Sounds sorta boujee, yeah? Don't worry; it's all pretty easy to get done.


Cat Proof Window Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (9)

You don't have to be a cat and baby whisperer to enjoy the view and add plants to your decor. You need our cat-proof window plant shelf guide! We know you love having your cats and babies around and love plants. But we also know it can be tough for your plants to be attacked by kitties and kids. That's why we created this guide! It will show you how to DIY a cat-proof window plant shelf that keeps your plant's safe while also letting you enjoy the view.


Window Ledge Plant Shelf

Have you been struggling to find space for all your plants? Maybe you don't have a large apartment, or you're low on money and can't afford to buy more planters. Either way, we know it's not easy—but we may be able to help. This DIY video is for you if you've got a window ledge that isn't being used for anything else. We show you how to create a plant shelf that instantly adds space for your expanding plant family.

Window Plant Rope Shelf

This might be the most remarkable thing we've ever done, saying a lot. But seriously, you can make your own window plant rope shelf (like the hanging gardens of Babylon), and today, we'll show you how. First, gather all your materials (plant, rope, and hammer). Then measure enough rope to hang from the top of your window frame to just above the floor. Add an extra foot or two on each end for tying knots.

Next, tie a knot at each end of your rope to form loops—these will go on your hooks. Hammer in the hooks once your loops are tied and in place! Make sure they're secure. Then hang your shelf! You can do this by simply looping the ropes over your window frame. All you have to do is put the plant on the shelf and enjoy it!

Removable Window Shelf For Plants

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (10)

We all want to bring nature into our homes. Plants make us feel happier, more energetic, and more creative. But what if you have a dog or cat? You probably know the answer: limit yourself to hanging plants or plants in your garden. But what if you could do both? What if you could have as many plants inside your home and keep them out of your pet's reach? Simple! Build a removable window shelf for your plants! In this post, we'll show you how.


DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (11)

We're excited about this project. Firstly, it's an excellent way to start a love affair with plants. Secondly, we forgot just how easy it is to make your designs and how satisfying that is. And finally, because it's practical and stylish. We're telling you—these hanging plant shelves never go out of fashion. Well, you can make one yourself. And it looks so good that it will up your home decor game.


Easy Window Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (12)

We've all been there: you're on a budget, but you want to make your home feel cozy. So, what's the solution? DIY! This simple step-by-step DIY tutorial will show you how to make an easy window plant shelf for just $10. You'll be in and out of the hardware store in no time, and it's so easy that even a beginner can do it. We promise it will add the right amount of charm to any room.


How To Build A Window Plant Shelf


Building a window plant shelf is a great way to increase your home's curb appeal, especially if you have a single-story house. Plants can add color, texture, and just the right amount of greenery to any home. Window plant shelves are easy to build, and they are also easy to maintain. Your plants will get plenty of sunlight and air circulation to thrive! You will only need a few tools and materials to build your window plant shelf. You can use scrap lumber or buy new wood—whatever works best for you!

How To Make A Window Plant Hanger

This is a great way to make a window plant hanger affordable and at your convenience. You can adjust its size as big as you want or small, depending on the size of your window. Follow along with these steps, and you'll be there.

1) First, get some string, 15cm long.

2) Braid together three-string pieces of the same length together.

3) Tie the end of each braid with a knot!

4) Place the knotted end in soil sufficient to hold it.

5) Now tie a knot at the other end of each braid, but not too tight!

6) Cut off any leftover rope hanging out, but leave some space, so it doesn't come out of the knot!

7) You're finished. Now enjoy your plant hanger and hang it up wherever you want.

DIY Plant Shelf

Have you ever wanted to wake up to the sight of lush greenery sprouting from your bedroom wall? Or have a little herb garden by your kitchen window, where you can reach out and pluck fresh thyme or oregano sprigs any time you want to? The perfect solution is to bring nature into your home with these inexpensive DIY plant shelves. They'll make any room more cozy, attractive, and natural in just a few easy steps.

DIY Window Plant Shelf

25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (13)

Children and pets can be a handful, and plants are often a source of peace. So how do you keep the two in check and still be able to enjoy your houseplants? If you're a plant lover with kids or pets at home, you've got to make a drastic intervention. These window plant shelves are just the thing for you. It keeps your plants safe and your children and pets out of their reach. We love these gorgeous window plant shelves because they're cheap, easy to make, and take little time.

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25 DIY Window Plant Shelf Ideas (2024)


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