Peroxide Resurrection Tier List – Best Segunda Moves! - Try Hard Guides (2024)

This guide ranks the currently available Peroxide Hollow Resurrections into different tiers: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

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Peroxide Resurrection Tier List – Best Segunda Moves! - Try Hard Guides (1)

Playing as a Hollow, what moves your Resurrection and Segunda do all depend on the Resurrection that you get once you become an Arrancar. Of course, you have good Resurrections and also poor Resurrections. Here’s a Hollow Resurrection tier list in Peroxide.

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Best Peroxide Hollow Resurrection and Segunda Tier List

This guide categorizes the Peroxide Resurrection Rarities, which are only available to those who are a Hollow. The classification offers players insights into the attributes and advantages of each resurrection, assisting them in making informed choices.

The following Peroxide Resurrection Tier List ranks the currently available elements into these tiers:

  • S-Tier: OP
  • A-Tier: Best
  • B-Tier: Good

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Shikai Element Rarities Tier List in Peroxide

Peroxide Skikai Tier List – S-Tier Element Rarities

  • Beast
  • Music
  • Chaos

Peroxide Skikai Tier List – A-Tier Element Rarities

  • Astra
  • Vessel
  • Manifest

Peroxide Skikai Tier List – B-Tier Element Rarities

  • Acceleration

Best Resurrection and Segunda in Peroxide

Beast Resurrection

  • Move 1: Primal Instinct
    • ”Activate your inner instincts and dodge attacks that attempt to make contact with you.”
    • This is an auto-dodge.
  • Move 2: Flash Claw
    • ”Use claws and quickly lunge forward multi-slicing those who stand in your way into the air.”
    • Increasing the mastery causes this move to have a bit more range.
    • This move scales with Strength
  • Move 3: Animal Frenzy
    • ”Throw a barrage of claws and dice your enemies into pieces.”
    • Max Mastery on this move causes the user to perform a bite at the end of the combo.
    • This move scales with Strength
    • Mastery 1 (Without a bite at the end)
    • Mastery 3 (With a bite at the end)

Beast Segunda

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)
  • Beast’s passive enhances the User’s attacks by making them give Heavy Bleeding to the opponent
  • Move 1: Ravage
    • “Cut down your opponent then proceed to unleash a savage combo on them in the sky.”
    • This move scales off of Strength

Music Resurrection

  • Move 1: Muse Beat
    • Summon a radio that floats behind you, it will boost your stats and the effects of the boost will randomize. (different color = different buff)
    • This move is a mode which slightly buffs the player
  • Move 2: Bass Drop
    • Throw down a ball charged with music, each time it hits the ground it will create a shockwave that deals damage from the bass it emits.
    • This move scales with Spirit
  • Move 3: Sonic Boombox
    • Summon a boombox that lands down from the sky that plays beats, each beat creates and AOE of damage.
    • This move scales with Spirit and lasts longer if you have higher mastery

Music Segunda

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)
  • Music’s passive is different according to what color the notes under your feet are (The color changes when you dash)
    • Red – Damage Buff
    • Blue – Reiatsu Regen Buff
    • Green – Health Boost
    • Purple – All your abilities apply tons of debuffs to your enemies
  • Move 1: Guitarist’s Requiem
    • “Bring forth the soul of a guitarist. Hit someone with a guitar and unleash an epic solo (keys are DF JK)”
    • This move scales off of Spirit, and lasts longer the better you are at the minigame that plays. (Rhythm Minigame)

Chaos Resurrection

  • Move 1: Sickle of Destruction
    • ”Summon a scythe of pure destruction and swing forth. When it makes contact with an enemy, it will create a pillar of chaos and you will devastate those who you hit into the air.”
    • This move does more attacks at higher mastery
    • This move scales with Strength and Spirit (Check
  • Move 2: Chaos Energy
    • ”Focus chaotic energy into your body and then output it, increasing your health and damage..”
    • This move is a mode which slightly buffs the player and gives more buffs at higher mastery.
  • Move 3: Chaos Blaster
    • ”Form a small ball of chaotic energy into your palm and fire it off, once it makes contact with an object it’s energy will pull nearby targets in and then explode.”
    • This attack moves faster at higher mastery.
    • This move scales with Spirit

Chaos Segunda

  • Buffs Spirit by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)
    • Passive: Chaos’ passive gives the user additional stats in Spirit and buffs their Mouse 1 damage scaling. You also steal Reiatsu and Second mode bar from anybody you hit with Mouse 1.
  • Move 1: CHAOS FLASH
    • “Unleash the inner chaos in your own nature. Emit a beam of utter chaos in front of you demolishing everyone and everything.”
    • This move scales off of Spirit and does not deal damage to people that haven’t been hit by the user before using the ability.
Peroxide Resurrection Tier List – Best Segunda Moves! - Try Hard Guides (2024)


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