Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide - Try Hard Guides (2024)

In the vast universe of Roblox Peroxide, achieving the Segunda Etapa form is a testament to a player’s prowess and dedication. If you’ve chosen to progress as a Hollow in Roblox Peroxide, this guide will walk you through each how to get Segunda Etapa.

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How to get Segunda Etapa in Peroxide

To get Segunda Etapa in Peroxide, you must defeat The Hollow Prince in its own domain. There are a lot of requirements to first even challenge the Hollow Prince. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you progress to beating the Hollow Prince and obtaining the Segunda Etapa.

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All Requirements for Fighting the Hollow Prince in Peroxide

1. Gather 420 Points in Peroxide

Once you reach level 85, a new type of point system becomes available to you that you can earn by doing in-game content. After it does, you need to earn 420 points as the first requirement to challenge the Hollow Prince in Peroxide. Here’s all the ways you can earn points:

  • Successfully completing a Time gate gives 75 points. If you lose in a Time gate, you only get 25 points.
  • Raids (Time Bubbles Bosses) gives 1 point per % of bosses HP dealt.
  • Each Storm Vastocar gives 10 points if you dealt the majority of the damage (at least 60%)
    • If you did cause 60% total damage an effect plays.
  • Invasions give points only if you are above level 80.
  • 5 Points for stealing an object, 12 for slaughtering guards, and 22 for killing a leader.
  • Each Npc grip you get during an Incursion rewards you with 6 Points.

How to find out how many points you have

To find out how many points you have in total, you need to head to the Hollow Prince location in Menos Forest. He will say two things to you:

  • If you are below 200 Points
    • You are strong, but, your soul lacks.. something… vital. You must fight those beyond the hourglass, or within the gates of war. I refuse to prey upon anyone else…
  • If you are above 200 Points
    • Your soul is finally gaining that spark, continue your training. Return to me once you’re finally a worthy prey.

You will know if you have 420 points, as Hollow Prince allows you to fight him if you are the correct level.

2. Become Level 90 in Peroxide

The second requirement is that you need to become level 90. This will no doubt take you a long time but believe me, it’s worth taking the time to do so to get Segunda Etapa.

How to Defeat the Hollow Prince in Peroxide

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide - Try Hard Guides (1)

Once the above requirements are met, you can go and fight the Hollow Prince in Peroxide. If you haven’t been there already to check how many points you have, you can find the prince in Menos Forest, in a dilapidated building with a hole in the center. Head inside, and you can speak to the Hollw Prince, and you have the option to engage in battle or not.

If you choose to fight him, all your hunger will be restored to prevent having to go back and forth between places to acquire food.

Hollow Prince has six phases, however, that may be long, but there is a silver lining. If you succeed in defeating phases one and two, Peroxide will set up a checkpoint, allowing you to start from phase three, even if you die during phases three, four etc, you do not have to repeat phases one and two again, ever.

Here’s a breakdown of the battle phases of the Hollow Prince:

Peroxide Hollow Prince Phase 1

The Hollow Prince attacks. After dealing some damage, a certain percentage of his health, he retreats and summons minions.

Peroxide Hollow Prince Phase 2

Once his minions are dead, he’ll send out two Ancient Adjuchas. Be warned, these are stronger than the ones you fought in Hueco Munda, and you will not be given a health pack until both Adjuchas are dead.

Peroxide Hollow Prince Phase 3

First, you’ll have unlocked a checkpoint. Second, the Hollow Prince returns to the field along with more skills to use against you. Like the first phase, you need to deal a certain percentage to his health, and as before, he will retreat and send out more of his minions to do his bidding.

Peroxide Hollow Prince Phase 4

In phase 4, Hollow Prince will send in an Arrancar using the resurrection Manifest. This will not be an easy battle, as when you have removed half of his health, he will activate his Segundaand heal mostly back to full.

Peroxide Hollow Prince Phase 5

After you have defeated the first Arrancar, another one joins the fray, but with a different resurrection. This one uses Acceleration. Unfortunately, just like the first one, this one has a Segunda, which will be activated at half health, and be healed almost to max health.

Peroxide Hollow Prince Phase 6

Once the second Arrancar lies dead, the Hollow Prince will return to finish what his minions couldn’t. And this time, he will not retreat. He knows more skills and moves than he ever did before, but once his health bar is depleted, the Hollow Prince will be killed, and you’ll be sent out of the Abyss, and you will earn your Segunda Etapa moves immediately.

How to Activate Segunda Etapa in Peroxide

To activate Segunda Etapa in Peroxide, all you need is to press G when your resurrection is activated and when the bar to the left is completely filled. The Segunda moves you have entirely depend on your resurrection, which you’ll get randomly when you become an Arrancar. You can change your resurrection by rolling, but this will either cost you 100 Robux or the use of codes.

Segunda Etapa has a time limit of 33 seconds initially, but this can be increased to a maximum of 190 seconds. You can enhance your Segunda Etapa by doing the following:

How to Enhance Segunda Etapa in Peroxide

There are two ways to enhance your Segunda Etapa and raise the time limit of use, but no matter which way you choose, it’ll take a long time. The first way to train is to use Segunda mode a lot, and the second way is by sparring with your Sword spirit in your inner world. To spar your Sword spirit, you need to press N and then beat it in battle.

All Segunda Resurrection Stats and Passives in Peroxide

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide - Try Hard Guides (2)

There are seven resurrections you can get in Peroxide, but these resurrections are enhanced when Segunda is activated. Here are stat increases for every Segunda resurrection:

Peroxide Music Segunda

Music Passive

Music’s Segunda passive is different according to what color the notes under your feet are (The color changes when you dash)

  • Red – Damage Buff
  • Blue – Reiatsu Regen Buff
  • Green – Health Boost
  • Purple – All your abilities apply tons of debuffs to your enemies

Music Stats

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)

Peroxide Astra Segunda

Astra Passive

Astra’s Segunda passive makes the User immune to any debuff effects. It also has a custom counter

Astra Passive

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Spirit by 20% (1.2x)

Peroxide Beast Segunda

Beast Passive

Beast’s passive enhances the User’s attacks by making them give Heavy Bleeding to the opponent.

Beast Passive

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)

Peroxide Vessel Segunda

Vessel Passive

Vessel Seguinda has tons of passives.

  • Dash deals damage.
  • Uppercut
  • Counter

Vessel Passive

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)

Peroxide Acceleration Segunda

Acceleration Passive

Acceleration Segunda has a custom counter.

Acceleration Passive

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)

Peroxide Manifest Segunda

Manifest Passive

Manifest has tons of passives which only work in its domain.

  • Blocking spawns a Shield (Can also block a Guard Break)
  • Knocking someone back summons an ak-47 that shoots them down for extra damage
  • Downslamming after a ladder ability spawns an anvil on top of the opponent for extra stun
  • Grabbing an orb from your dimension gives you a random Ability from your Arsenal that you don’t have equipped. (Enemies can’t grab the orbs)

Manifest Passive

  • Buffs Strength by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Spirit by 20% (1.2x)

Peroxide Chaos Segunda

Chaos Passive

Chaos’ passive gives the user additional stats in Spirit and also has minor dual Mouse 1 damage scaling. You also steal rei on Mouse 1.

Chaos Stats

  • Buffs Spirit by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 15% (1.15x)
  • Buffs Agility by 20% (1.2x)
Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide - Try Hard Guides (2024)


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